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After being referred by a Partner Referring Organization, you can download the Socialwyze App to earn immediate income, grow your resume, and transition into private employment.

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Public benefit work for your community.
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Get Referred

To ensure your success, we require all workers to be referred by one of our partner local nonprofits before booking gigs on our app. If you are struggling with addiction, housing, or have been recently released from incarceration, chances are there is an organization waiting to help you.

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Immediate Work

When you experience income,  insecurity, you don't need a bunch of hoops to jump through before getting reconnected to paid work.

We offer immediate access to public benefit work to keep food on your table and a roof over your head.

With financial breathing room, you can take on the world!

Flexible Scheduling

Inflexible work scheduling doesn't work for busy people trying to make ends meet.

Between childcare, education, training, and seeking better employment, we know you need a solution that allows you to honor existing life obligations.

We offer barrier-free work that you can access on your own time, in your community.

Build your Resume

It's hard finding work if you have an inconsistent job history or have experienced homelessness, incarceration, or PTSD.

We provide you a blank slate to write a new story about a positive attitude, hard work, and an upward trajectory.

Local employers are searching for profiles just like yours, and now you will be able to show off your star rating, compliments from coordinators, and more through your digital resume!

Get paid straight away

Waiting for 2 weeks to get paid doesn't cut it for households facing acute financial hardship.

We designed payments to provide you with full transparency and control over when you get paid!

Work today. Get paid today. Carry on with your life.

Start building your future, today!