Our Passion

Cody is a lifelong entrepreneur who refuses to accept the way society neglects individuals experiencing financial hardship, high barriers to employment, and mental illness. The status quo represents an unconscionable level of suffering and waste of human potential which costs taxpayers and charitable funders billions in compounding back-end costs associated with eviction, homelessness, mental illness, addiction, and crime. The Socialwyze team will never rest until we help every person overcome acute financial and emotional hardship through the dignity of work.

Cody Merrill   |  Founder & CEO

Our Partners

Socialwyze meets you where you’re at and lifts you up. We understand that people have unique employment needs related to work type, hours, and location. We designed a universal solution that eliminates the first hurdle back into employment. Immediate corrective action can make a lifetime of difference.

We need you

Socialwyze is the ultimate team effort. Donations are vital to expanding our outreach and technology. Be the change!

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