Problem: Income Disruption

78% of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, so when job loss occurs, eviction and homelessness become ticking time bombs. Most evictions can be prevented for less than $1,000, yet 2.3 million Americans lose their housing each year because they can’t quickly generate income. This market failure robs families of their dignity and costs taxpayers billions on the back end.


Of households experience income disruption in a given year.

Urban Institute
Up to

More likely to be evicted after income disruption

Urban Institute

Yearly Cost Per Homeless Person

HUD Secretary
Job Loss
Bills Pile Up
Miss Rent Payment

Solution: Digital Public Jobs Net

We provide the most immediate, lowest barrier income solution that housing insecure people can perform on their own time, in their own communities. Our constituents automatically build up their digital resumes, allowing them to project credibility to landlords and employers. The instant financial stability and flexible scheduling allow people to take care of their families while pursuing training and new employment.


Homeless smartphone ownership in the US. Globally more people use mobile phones than toothbrushes.

USC, Smithsonian

Increased likelihood of obtaining private employment for individuals regularly performing volunteer public benefit work.

U Minnesota
Up to

Taxpayer savings for housing chronically homeless.

Immediate Income
Digital access to training and resources
Pride in resume that reflects credibility
Connection with private employment

Our App

Our app connects workers with public benefit projects and provides full transparency to funders.

  • Easy to Use, Easy to Love

    Meaningful gigs, when you need it, at the click of a button

  • Ladder to Success

    End-to-End Solution from immediate income to private employment

  • By Humans, for Humans

    Human-centered design shapes every element of our user experience

Find Jobs
Get Paid

Immediately access meaningful work in your community and build your new resume automatically.

Post Jobs
Deploy Labor

Consistently deploy free labor to extend community impact.

Fund Wages
Save Money

Optimize productivity from unemployed and underemployed individuals.

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