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Our partnership with Socialwyze on the new environmentally-focused Community Fund achieves a double benefit for donors and represents a huge benefit for the environment and our society. For every dollar going towards environmental remediation work, conservation, tree-planting and the like, that same dollar is being paid to a local who needs income to avoid eviction or to transition to private housing.

Lynn McBee
Board of Chair at EarthX

Socialwyze has been a blessing in my life. After serving 38 years in prison, I want to support myself financially and enjoy a budding relationship with my daughter. Socialwyze has allowed me to make money, build a resume, and feel the love of the community. I'm free of the burden of being a number in a system, and I now see a future of endless possibility!

Kerry Armstrong

Over the past year, Miles of Freedom has enjoyed the opportunity to pilot a project with Socialwyze. Through the MLK Fresh Produce Distribution, Socialwyze has allowed Miles of Freedom to provide more opportunities of transitional employment, increase service proficiency, reserve much needed funds and still serve the community. A true Win Win for all. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Socialwyze and look for exciting things to come.

Richard Miles
Miles of Freedom Founder & CEO

I have enjoyed using Socialwyze as a worksite coordinator, and I have seen it make a big difference in people's lives. Birth certificates, rent, food, the income in a pinch makes a big difference. It's also about dignified, meaningful work that people can take pride in and share with their neighbors.

Henry Sephus
Miles of Freedom Coordinator

You could literally feel the genuine joy in Socialwyze team’s hearts and the compassion they have for others. Their energy and cohesiveness was really something to witness. Not sure I’ve ever met a group of people working together who you can tell from first minute you’re around them that they were made for what they are doing and were put together for that very purpose.

Katie Milholland
The Way Back Director of Reentry Programs